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It's been over a month since I last posted. It's not like I haven't been dealing with lots of enterprise-SA type material, just that I've been too busy to even breathe, much less distill my thoughts into something for this site. But since I'm sick right now, I sorta have a little bit of time on my hands...

Some of the recent topics that are worth discussing (probably in their own posts, or several posts)...
  • Thoughts from the monitoring meeting (discussions about what we need for enterprise monitoring, but not all related to monitoring): false buy vs. build dichotomy; fundamental architectural difference between BB-style and SNMP trap... (no explicit "OK" status) ; Industry combination of Monitoring tools with Management tools; the myth of Agentless monitoring; SNMP support on Windows (SNMP Informant)
  • An Infrastructures.org mailing list post Message-ID: <20060818174228.B26037@so.lanier.com>
  • The usefulness of professional services and consultancy in enterprise application deployment: experiences with CA, EMC, and Hyperion
  • Why the hell can't I keep my desk clean?
  • I miss going to conferences: VMworld is on now, LISA is in December. I'm expecting a new baby about halfway between, and there's no way I can go out of town for a week.
  • I hate being sick. Daytime TV sucks even with satellite and a DVR. If I'd known I was going to be sick this long, I should have joined NetFlix.
Not a bad topic list... now, discuss amongst myself.