Learn something new

Every once in a while I pick up a new trick... Here's solaris's answer to "what if a file has weird whitespace in its name". GNU userland has "find -print0" and xargs0, since you can't have a \0 as part of the filename, so it's safe to use as a delimiter.

find [ ... ] -exec cmd {} +

I had to use this when I was searching and cataloging (and checksumming) files from various previous hard drives. I had transferred all the data over to a ZFS pool (with compression) from a couple of Windows installs, and needed a good way to walk through "/tank/hdc/Documents and Settings/" and "/tank/hdc/Program Files" nicely. And out (of google) pops something that I've missed for years.

Not that I would have really expected to look for this gem in the man page, since I already knew how to use find. But there it was. I guess it's a documented interface now.


(P.S. with multibyte characters in file names, is it really safe to assume that \0 will no longer occur?)