Create a python virtualenvironment and matching Jupyter kernel

I often work in Jupyter notebook for python scriptlets, and if there's a special package I need, I'd rather not pollute my global python environment. The answer, of course, is virtualenv and a jupyter kernel that references that venv, which I have to look up the command for every time.

 Automation to the rescue-- here's newkernel.cmd:

@echo off
REM newkernel.bat - create a python virtualenv and register it as a
REM Jupyter kernel

SET /P _envname="Name of environment:"
if "%_envname%x" NEQ "x" goto :got_name
@REM else
     set _envname=py-%USERNAME%-%RANDOM%
@REM fi

C:\tools\Anaconda3\python.exe -m venv %_envname%.venv

set /P _envkern="Kernel name:"
if "%_envkern%x" NEQ "x" goto :got_kern
@REM else
     set _envkern=py-%_envname%
@REM fi

set /P _envdesc="Kernel Description:"
if "%_envdesc%x" NEQ "x" goto :got_desc
@REM else
     set _envdesc="Python (%_envname%)"
@REM fi

%_envname%.venv\scripts\pip install ipykernel
%_envname%.venv\scripts\python -m ipykernel install --name %_envkern% --display-name "%_envdesc%"