Legacy and transition

I hate trying to transition work to other people. I'm at the hopital right now helping SWMBO have our 2nd baby. So I'll be off for a while.

So I'm leaving unfinished several projects... the SAP upgrade sandbox systems, the BEA monitoring project, the Oracle installation & monitoring project, the whole EMC upgrade, the cluster implementation, as well as supporting the treasury project, the hyperion upgrade, the webfocus upgrade... not to mention the usual stuff. Much of it is in the critical path for our big SAP upgrade (4.5 to 6.0) in February.

And I guess I'm just not comfortable that I can successfully hand these projects over to the rest of my team.

Previously, I have interpreted this as a lack of communication on my part-- I haven't taken the time over the past 2 months (not like this wasn't a planned leave) to make sure that the rest of the team has the knowledge to keep these projects moving. Now, I'm not so sure that I could have done anything differently.

The members of the team that are skilled to take up any of these projects are vastly overcommitted (not all of these projects are just mine -- I just advise and consult on some of them) and I don't think I can help the remaining team learn what they would need to learn in order to make meaningful contributions to these projects (for example, they're windows administrators, and this is a solaris problem... it doesn't help if I basically use them as a speech-to-commandline interpreter)

Trouble is, I'm the most technically-skilled unix guy on the team, so I get in the critical path of so many projects. But am I realistically supposed to be able to transfer knowledge about ongoing problems where I'm also new to them?

Oh well, this post took a long time to come out, and lots of stuff has happened since then. The question still remains, though: How am I supposed to get everything done, including training a backup, when the whole team (me and all potential backups) are overcommitted?



Fun with Filesystems

I think there's a race condition in Solaris... we had a filesystem get full with Oracle archivelogs, so I removed them, then checked to see what effect that had:

# rm D*_60[012345]?_*.dbf
# df -h .
Filesystem size used avail capacity Mounted on
/oracle/D01/saparch 5.9G 16384E 6.4G 301049486643838% /oracle/D01/saparch

A moment later, it was happy:

# df -h .
Filesystem size used avail capacity Mounted on
/oracle/D01/saparch 5.9G 257M 5.6G 5% /oracle/D01/saparch

This is not the first time I've noticed some wierdness with removing data on S10. Last time, I wiped out a copy of our big oracle database, (rm -rf sapdata*/*) which only took a few seconds, but to unmount the filesystem took over 8 hours.