First Post! What's it all about anyway?

I'm going to try this blog thing again... The past (couple) of times I've created a website with the intention of updating it regularly haven't worked very well, mostly because I think I don't journal well.

Also because I haven't had a particular focus for the sites, they end up as just a buncha random crap that I don't bother to update, yet for some reason I keep migrating from one site to another. Maybe this will be different.

So here's my focus for this site: "Collect my thoughts about Enterprise System Administration". What does that mean? Well, this is a space for:
  • Ideas about server management (configuration management)
  • Ideas about application infrastructure (applitecture)
  • The interrelation between office politics, policies, and technology
  • Wouldn't it be cool if...
  • Problem solving
  • And ideally, if I ever get around to actually implementing some of these great ideas, they'd be here too.
Please note that these are my opinions, which are not endorsed or sponsored by my employer. There may be information that is specific to my employer's systems and landscape, and your mileage may vary.

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