Time Off In Lieu (although in this case, it's more appropriately In Labor)

I'm back to work today for what feels like the first time since before thanksgiving. That makes today one hell of a monday.

I was supposed to be back last tuesday, but my son went to the hospital that night, so I was out the rest of the week (he's fine, it was a virus that caused a high fever, but no other impact)

But that doesn't mean nothing's been happening around here since then. There was a flurry of activity the second weekend in December when I migrated the production SAP database to a new symmetrix, with a new LUN layout.

Then even more fun when I was trying to reformat parts of that new symmetrix to support our BCVs, which caused the production database to lose I/Os. That was real fun, let me tell you. (maybe in another post)

We had an unusually quiet (for me) end-of-year, $PHB sent out the holiday on-call schedule, and I was not on it. (I still got called once during my vacation, but only once)

Last week, I managed to copy the production SAP database over to the sandbox server without missing too much time at home (it was the afternoon we got back from the hospital, and I was able to get it done while he was sleeping), so the SAP team can run through another "trial" upgrade in prep for our upgrade in Feb.

Otherwise, it's been very quiet.

Oh yeah, and the networking team has moved out of my row of cubicles, over to the other side of the basement. So no more shouting over the cube wall "teh Intarweb's broke".

I'm already a week behind in my new year's resolutions:
1. 1400x1050
2. blog the "sudoku of the day"
3. Clean up my cubicle
4. Get my home computer working right (get it to stop locking up when I have the USB wireless adapter connected)
5. Install the copy of Adobe Premiere Elements SWMBO got me for christmas and learn to use it (by finishing the video of my cousin's wedding, and the kids videos)

Also on my todo list... need to set up the virtualization lab at the end of the hall. I've got 2 shiny new Dell 490s with dual dual-core (and I think HT and VT) "workstations" that I need to get working :)

So the sudoku for 1/1 reads:


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