Fighting Rogue

I'm about >< close to going "rogue sysadmin".

What does that mean? I'm very close to just saying "screw it" when it comes to any sort of collaborative decision making about technlology, and I'm just going to implement what I think is best. That's what makes me a "senior technical lead", right? That I know best? Or that I can at least make a decision of what's best for my team without having to get buy-in from a half-dozen other managers whose groups have wildly different and conflicting goals?

Why? I'm very angry about several projects that have been stalled waiting for other groups to buy-in on a framework that will solve everyone's problems. The missing functionality (monitoring) has very much come to the front over the past 30 days or so, since the big SAP upgrade. And especially with Saturday's DST patching.


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