Moloch packet capture

I'm working to set up a full packet capture environment for our network, and so far Moloch is quite attractive. It seems "easy" to get started and so far is scaling out nicely. Unfortunately, it is almost completely undocumented. There's clearly a lot of power under the covers, but I'm having to dig through the source to figure it out. Oh well, I used to be a programmer. Here's some of what I have found so far. The easybutton-build.sh script works well. It downloads specific known-working versions of various dependencies (yara, libpcap, libnids, maxmind's geoip API) which is reasonable, and a libglib version, which is not. Really, let's not have to rebuild from scratch to fix a bug in a shared library. Just use the versions that the distribution provides unless there's a really good reason. apt-get install libgeoip-dev libglib2.0-dev libpcap-dev libnids-dev In my case (Ubuntu 12.10) this gives me the right version of geoip, +.14 versions of glib, the right version of libpcap, and -.01 version of libnids. Let's see if it all works with these minor differences. Now, on to the hacking...

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